Milestone for Lion Conservation Achieved

APW is very pleased to announce that we have met our 2011 goal of 100 Living Walls installed in the Maasai Steppe. These Living Walls are now protecting approximately 25,000 head of livestock on a nightly basis and positively impacting nearly 2000 Maasai community members. With livestock safe at night, reduced lion-livestock conflict means better outcomes for the big cats. It’s a win-win-win scenario that keeps cattle safe from lions, lions out of the way of Maasai spears and local habitat intact. Many thank to all our partners, supporters and local community members who helped us to achieve this important milestone for lion conservation and the improved coexistence of people and big cats. We would like to extend special recognition to the Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative for their critical support of this work. Read more about APW’s Living Walls.