Women’s Environmental Micro-Loans Awarded

AWP Womens Entrepeneurship Loan UpdatedAPW awarded our first two micro-loans to women’s groups for bee-keeping initiatives under our Women’s Environmental Entrepreneurship program.This program fosters small-scale, environmentally-responsible businesses in order to increase the economic independence of women on the Maasai Steppe while also encouraging conservation.

Not only does this program educate women about environmental conservation, but it also increases the bargaining power of women within their families and as a voice within their communities. With an additional income, women become more self-sufficient and improve the quality of life for their families. Due to the family’s overall higher income, we expect to see improvements in education and children’s health.

In order to receive a loan, women’s groups must develop a business plan and receive APW’s environmental entrepreneurship training. The group must also show that their proposed business will conserve natural resources and/or benefit the environment in some way.