Support the Principles of Good Governance in Environmental Management

A solid foundation of good governance is a pre-requisite for the success of any community-managed resource. We support local governments and community interest groups that are engaged in natural resource management and conservation enterprise activities in the Maasai Steppe:

African People & Wildlife Fund: Natural Resource Action Planning


  • Reto-o-Reto Natural Resource Committee.  In 2011, we partnered with The Nature Conservancy to bring a natural planning workshop to the Maasai Steppe. This committee emerged from that meeting, and has already announced the creation of the first community-managed watershed in Northern Tanzania.


  • Fostering Partnerships and Good Governance.  We believe in helping government and community entities maintain transparency, accountability and responsible leadership in any aspect of environmental management.


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From a 2011 natural resource action-planning workshop at the Noloholo Environmental Center, conducted in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, a new committee emerged to oversee natural resource management on the Maasai Steppe.

Good governance principles of new Reto-o-Reto committees include:

  • Formal ratification in village government and general assembly meetings
  • Democratic election of the committee with rotation of the board
  • Clear mission and vision statements with organizational roles defined
  • Gender and sub-village representation on the committee
  • Regular reporting of activities to the community

APW is helping these committees to become formally and legally recognized in Tanzania. We are committed to working with partners in the Maasai Steppe to provide good governance and leadership training at the Noloholo Environmental Center.