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Your 2015 Noloholo Environmental Scholars

This year we are thrilled to announce our 25 Noloholo Environmental Scholars! We are so proud of those students who have joined us, and of those who continue to excel in their studies from year to year.

Our scholar program would not be possible without your help. You can support our scholars today via our IndieGoGo Campaign! Please make a donation of $25 or more today.

Thank you to all who have already donated for your continued support towards a generation of education on the Maasai Steppe!

And this year’s scholars are:2015 Noloholo Environmental Scholars


Swalehe Maricha, Lengitambi Mepukori, Kelvin Jacob, Natang’amwaki Mathayo, Sikoi Rosio, Alamnyaki Lengai, William Jackson, Lang’ida Pakasi, Paulo Kisota Rimba, Nengai Godwin, Jesca Hando, Anna Taoni, Samwel Lekumok, Heavenlight Godson, Hussein M. Mmary, Wanga Orkedenye, Suzana Lazaro, Raphael Abraham, Lazaro Sipitek Mollel  , Stellah Joseph, Halima Alawi Rashid, Fauziaty Nassoro, Alakai Balisha, Namerok Elias and Ramazani Juma