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Natural Resource Management Training in Action


Training Community Scouts

Training Game Scouts

At the Noloholo Environmental Center, APW provides ongoing training for village game scouts in the Maasai Steppe. Coursework includes an introduction to standardized wildlife monitoring and reporting protocols, technical skills development in GPS, rangefinder and computer use, basic data entry, the fundamentals of simple data analyses and communication techniques. Monitoring forms developed at the center cover both daily and monthly activities involving wildlife patrols, anti-poaching operations, wildlife counts, human-wildlife conflicts and reporting of environmental abuses. Information is stored at the center by the game scouts on a monthly basis and is readily accessible to them. In addition to uniforms, APW outfits game scouts with Garmin GPS, rangefinders and binoculars.




Natural Resource Management Training

Action Planning Workshop

Training opportunities at the Noloholo Environmental Center include an introduction to and/or the facilitation of natural resource action planning as well as seminars for local community members in water, land and wildlife management and conservation. We provide mapping services to help community members visualize their landscapes and land uses, overlaying local information on Google Earth imagery.

When responding to local requests for information, we look for partners with relevant courses that we can host at Noloholo. For example, reacting to local concerns regarding livestock management, we now host an excellent pastoral/rangeland management workshop called “Strengthening Voices,” developed by the International Institute of Environment and Development and the Tanzania Natural Resources Forum. But, if we don’t find what we are looking for, we will develop it ourselves!

Finally, we also provide opportunities for community members and village game scouts to receive extended training at a nationally accredited school for natural resource management.


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