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Maasai Steppe Conservation Education in Action


Tailor-Made Conservation Workbooks

Learning About Birds

APW reaches hundreds of students each year with our tailor-made conservation workbooks for the Maasai Steppe. Based on an interactive design that emphasizes analytical thinking, workbook activities encourage students to engage their families in the learning process, thereby reaching the community at large. Developed in collaboration with local schoolteachers, they are also compatible with the national school curriculum. By incorporating teachers as partners, we also help improve teaching skills and build overall educational capacity. Available workbooks and teacher training manuals include “Your Village Environment” and “Your Environment with Lions” with additional workbooks currently in production.




National Park Field Trips

National Park Trip

In order to complement our educational curriculum and to encourage students to continue with their environmental education in secondary school, APW facilitates annual field trips to Tarangire National Park for over 100 sixth grade students living in the Maasai Steppe. For many students, these trips represent their first opportunity to enter the park, despite living only miles from its border. Led by our conservation education officer, students learn as they go and fill out an interactive worksheet designed to help the children explore the important ecological features of the park and to learn more about the wildlife species they encounter.




Wildlife Clubs

Kangala Wildlife Club

APW’s wildlife club members are students who demonstrate a special interest in the environment. The children meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays to conduct extracurricular activities like bird walks, tree identification, habitat and village clean-ups and more. Membership in the wildlife clubs is a pre-requisite to attendance at our summer camps as well as eligibility for a Noloholo Environmental Scholarship.






Noloholo Environmental Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2010

APW offers weeklong environmental summer camps at Noloholo for children from rural primary schools across the Maasai Steppe. In the mornings, classroom learning focuses on the natural environment and living with wildlife in an interactive setting. Skits, debates, games and songs are popular at this time. In the afternoons, the children head out to the field for exercises in bird watching, honey harvesting, plant identification, wildlife counting, ecology and more. Our Noloholo Environmental Scholars attend the camps as role models. Acting as peer leaders, the scholars work with the younger students and help to inspire them as they learn.




Noloholo Environmental Scholarships

2011 Noloholo Environmental Scholars

Due to high levels of poverty, many students graduating from primary school fail to attend secondary school in rural Africa. As part of our comprehensive conservation education program, APW provides full environmental scholarships to secondary school for top-ranking students with a demonstrated interest in the environment. Our Noloholo Youth Environmental Scholars receive a full year of tuition at a private secondary school called Moringe. In addition to school fees, APW provides the students with uniforms, books and tutoring when needed. A prerequisite of this scholarship, students must be prior members of our wildlife clubs. As part of the community service component of the award, scholars act as mentors during APW’s environmental summer camps.


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