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Villages for Conservation in Action


Natural Resource Action Planning and Implementation

Natural Resource Action Planning Workshop

Working with dedicated teams of local community members, village officials, traditional leaders and conservation partners, our staff help develop natural resource action plans based on local conservation and natural resource management priorities. Plans incorporate the four key steps of adaptive management: identifying key issues, developing strategies, taking action and measuring success and include time-bound activities for implementation.

For example, in its first iteration, a natural resource action plan for the village of Loibor Siret includes strategies for improving water management and utilization, rangeland management and livestock keeping practices, wildlife protection and benefits from wildlife, integrated land use management, agricultural practices, poverty reduction via enterprise reduction and educational opportunities. This process also established an apolitical over-site board called the Reto-o-Reto committee (Maasai for “interdependency”). This local committee is responsible for developing proposals and working with the village government to implement the plan.


Community Environmental Protection Teams

Village Game Scouts

Working with natural resource committees, village game scout teams and other local institutions, APW supports community-led actions for natural resource management. In addition to providing training opportunities, APW helps communities acquire the tools they need to be effective on the ground. These include uniforms, GPS units, cameras, rangefinders, binoculars, datasheets and monitoring systems, access to vehicle support, use of computer and office resources and other tools.




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