Noloholo Environmental Center:


Built on a 10 acre campus, the Noloholo Environmental Center includes a large educational facility, staff and directors’ offices, a 32 bed dormitory, visitors’ accommodations, dining hall and kitchen facilities, staff housing and extra tent sites for student groups. The center has 24 hour power, provided by a large solar power system donated by the Wildlife Conservation Network’s solar project, and features rainwater harvesting.

The Main Educational Facility

Noloholo Educational Facility Main Entrance

This building includes a general meeting area, small conference room and a large classroom equipped with a slide projector and screen. Program staff offices are just off the classroom. Two standard bathrooms with running water complete the building. Power is available in all rooms. The general meeting area overlooks a large rainwater harvesting patio with an inbuilt fire pit for evening discussions.

The Dormitory

Housing up to 32 people at a time, the dormitory includes 8 separate rooms that sleep 4 people each on bunk beds. Divided along a corridor with a middle door, the dormitory can be isolated to accommodate 16 boys and girls on either side. Power is available in all rooms. Bathroom facilities are located outside the dormitory, separated into men’s and women’s facilities. In order to conserve water, toilets are composting, long-drops with good ventilation. Shower facilities are standard.

Visitors’ Accommodations

For visiting lecturers and APW supporters, we offer two lovely “tottages” (a mix of tent and cottage features) complete with 24 hour power, a spacious bathroom with standard amenities, and of course lovely views. In addition, several safari-style nylon and canvas tents furnished with comfortable beds are available for larger groups. As per the rest of Noloholo, power is available in the tents. Tent bathroom facilities include short-drop toilets for nighttime visits. During the daytime, visitors use the educational facility’s bathrooms. For tents, showers are under the stars and always hot.