You Can Change Their Lives

Lion Child AA Crop2013 Annual Appeal For Web

Your contributions have helped to save the lives of lions, cheetahs and other breathtaking wildlife species, while empowering African people to manage their resources for the future.

Now, we need your help with our 2013 Annual Fund Campaign to make sure our programs can expand in impact and in the number of people and animals we serve:


  • Rangelands and watersheds are degrading under the pressure of development and climate change.  Our natural resource seminars for adults have provided over 500 Maasai people with environmental planning knowledge and tools.
  • Vulnerable groups – particularly women and youth – struggle to find opportunities for growth and stability. Our environmental women’s entrepreneurship and youth education programs help them develop skills they need to secure their future.
  • Poaching and destructive farming and herding practices damage wildlife habitat. Our Warriors for Wildlife form anti-poaching patrols and perform outreach to encourage environmentally-friendly behaviors.
  • Lions are being killed for attacking valuable livestock. Our Living Walls prevent those deaths – last year 230 Living Walls saved 50 lions by protecting 50,000 livestock.

Your gift will make a huge difference on the Maasai Steppe. We promise to turn your dollars into direct conservation impact – this year, and for many years to come.