Summer 2016 Updates

Two females recently spotted in the Ngorongoro Crater

Two females recently spotted in the Ngorongoro Crater

Greetings from all of us at the African People & Wildlife Fund—we hope that you are having a wonderful summer so far! The past few months have been an exciting and rewarding time for us here at Noloholo. Living Wall season is now in full swing, our beekeeping groups are hard at work on a new honey harvest, local youth recently participated in three fun-filled environmental camps, and we have enjoyed numerous big cat sightings in the field. These events have been very inspiring for us and reflect the positive impact we are making on the ground in partnership with local communities.

Earlier this summer, several members of our staff were invited to meet with government officials in Dodoma during the launch of a new climate change project. We are thrilled about this opportunity and look forward to playing an active role in Tanzania’s future climate change initiatives. Please stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

Preparations are underway for our fall U.S. tour, which will take place from mid-September to mid-October. Please reach out if you would like to connect with us or host a gathering—there is still room in the schedule but we are filling up fast! Currently, we will be making stops on the east coast, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Denver, Colorado, at the Wildlife Conservation Network Annual Expo in San Francisco on October 8th and in Santa Barbara for the Lowell Thomas Awards celebration.

As always, we are grateful for the continued hard work and dedication of everyone on the APW team. In particular, we are pleased to officially welcome Christy Ihlo as our new Director of Monitoring and Evaluation. Christy’s efforts over the past six months have been invaluable in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs.

Finally, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our supporters. Thank you for standing with us as we continue to find the balance for people and wildlife in Tanzania. We would like to give special thanks to the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative and offer a warm welcome to new supporters at the Mize Family Foundation.

Laly Lichtenfeld, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Charles Trout
Director of Programs