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About Us

The African People & Wildlife Fund, a US registered 501c3 non-profit organization, helps rural communities develop their skills and abilities to protect natural resources in a manner that maximizes their benefits from these landscapes while also preserving ecological integrity. Emphasizing the critical importance of community-led initiatives, the organization provides information, training and service level support to its constituencies to strengthen local institutions and community-driven actions for natural resource management and wildlife conservation.


Specific objectives of the African People & Wildlife Fund are:

  • Enable rural communities to develop and implement strategies for long-term natural resource conservation that also support community development interests;
  • Provide information, education and training on natural resource management and conservation to rural communities;
  • Reduce conflicts between people and wildlife through the development and support of culturally appropriate and preventative measures that are locally feasible;
  • Support the development of community-based wildlife tourism and other sustainable income-generating projects in rural villages;
  • Promote environmental education among rural students – tomorrow’s environmental leaders;
  • Contribute to poverty alleviation through provision of employment and establishment of community-based enterprises in rural villages;
  • Convene and facilitate corporations, NGOs and other charitable organizations with similar objectives to help support remote communities.