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Noloholo Environmental Center:


Location of the Noloholo Environmental Center in the Maasai Steppe

The Noloholo Environmental Center is located approximately 150 km southwest of the city of Arusha. Several routes to the center are possible, including dry season access via Tarangire National Park. There is also a registered airstrip in the village.

The most direct driving route involves traveling through the Maasai Steppe and several rural villages. Drivers should be knowledgeable of the area. Otherwise, APW can recommend several companies that are familiar with Noloholo.

Through the Maasai Steppe:

Take the Mbauda road through Kwamrombo. At Lossinyai (korongo ya mchanga/custom), there is a T-junction, go right towards Komolo. Stay on this road through Komolo and up the Maasai Steppe escarpment to Terat. Continuing on the same road past Terat, keep on the main road until you see a small, green road sign on the left hand side. It will say Sukuru, Narakauo and Kimotorok and give the distances to each. Take this right hand turn and continue on passing on the outside of Sukuru village (the village will be on your left). The white dirt will end for 100 meters and then begin again with a hard left. The dam will be on your right. Continue on this road to Narakauo village. The village center will be off to your left and hard to see. Continue on this same road (the Narakauo dam will be off to your left) to the Loibor Siret turn off. At this point, you turn right and head straight to the stream crossing (dry) and then into the village center. If you ask for Noloholo, people will point you in the right direction (10 km from the village center).

Allow four hours for traveling. Please contact APW for up-to-date road conditions.