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APW Publications


Annual Reports

2013 African People & Wildlife Fund Annual Report


Scientific Publications

Conserving Large Populations of Lions: The Argument for Fences has Holes
Ecology Letters. DOI 10.1111/ele.12145. S. Creel, et al. (2013)

The Size of Savannah Africa: A Lion’s (Panthera leo) View
Biodiversity and Conservation. DOI 10.1007/s10531-012-0381-4. J. Riggio, et al. (2012)

Representing Rural Communities in Lion Conservation
African Lion News 7: 44-46. Lichtenfeld, L. L. (2007)

Human - Lion Relationships in the 21st Century
Doctoral dissertation, Yale University, New Haven, CT. L. L. Lichtenfeld. (2005)

Community natural resource management: Promise, rhetoric, and reality
Society and Natural Resources. 13: 705-715. S. R. Kellert, J. N. Mehta, S. Ebbin, and L. L. Lichtenfeld. (2000)


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Conservation Workbook Publications

Mbwa Mwitu - An Educational Workbook about Wild Dogs
APW’s Mbwa Mwitu (African Wild Dog) booklet was produced for the Nomad Trust as part of our APW Partner Services Program. The workbook focuses on wild dog ecology, social structure and the cultural and ecological value of conserving African Wild Dogs within the local ecosystem ~ in this case villages east of the Serengeti National Park. Produced in both English and Swahili.

Living with Drought Series
APW’s Living with Drought Series was produced for Veterinarian Sans Frontier as part of our APW Partner Services Program. These tailor-made conservation workbooks are designed to help young people in northern Kenya and northern Uganda learn about their local environments, the context of drought in the past, present and future, and ways to prepare for drought conditions. 3 separate booklets produced in English.

Your Environment ~ Mazingira Yako
Your Environment, one of APW’s series of conservation workbooks, is designed for younger students and focuses on basic wildlife identification and classification as well as general ecology. Interactive in design, colorful and engaging, this booklet gets children excited about their natural world! In production in English and Swahili.

Your Village Environment ~ Mazingira Yako na Kijiji
Your Village Environment, part of APW’s Mazingira Yako series, is an educational workbook for students asking them to identify the important characteristics of their village environment. Interactive in design, the booklet asks students to talk with their elders about the past, present and future of their home. Produced in both English and Swahili.

Your Environment with Lions ~ Mazingira Yako na Simba
The first in APW’s Mazingira Yako series, this interactive workbook for school children is about the Maasai people, their environment and lions. The workbook focuses on lion ecology, social structure and the cultural and ecological value of conserving lions within the local ecosystem. Traditional Maasai practices for alleviating conflicts with lions are also presented. Produced in both English and Swahili.