Your 2014 Noloholo Environmental Scholars

The results are in, and this year we are happy to announce we have eight new environmental scholars joining our program! That brings our scholar count to 22 – a huge leap from last year. We are so proud of those students who have joined us, and of those who continue to excel in their studies.

Our scholar program would not be possible without your help. Thank you to all who have donated for your continued support towards a generation of education on the Maasai Steppe!

And this year’s scholars are: 2014 Noloholo Scholars

Anna Taon, Aziza Issa, Faudhiaty Nasoro, Heavenlight Godson, Hussein Maricha, Jessica Hando, Karakai Barisha, Kelvin Jacob, Langida Pakasi, Lazaro Sipitek, Magdalena Maganga, Namelok Elias-Alaison, Nengai Godwin, Paulo Kisota, Rahely Ruben, Ramadhani Juma, Raphael Abraham, Samuel Lekumok, Stellah Joseph, Suzana Lazaro, Wanga Orkedienye, and William Jackson